Creative thinking and professionalism
Audiology-Sound Engineering

Sound Engineering Course – audiology – is one year program that teaches basics of psychoacoustics and audio engineering.The objective of the Course is mastering general principles of the discipline for further development of skills for independent work with different installations and programs. Starting with a comprehensive introduction to Pro Tools, the most widely used audio creation/production system in the industry. The students will master in details all the stages of creating of audio-visual product including pre-production, accomplishment and delivery.


The course explores the recording process via detailed lectures and a demonstration on recording varies instruments. If you want to work in a recording studio, then you’ll need a thorough knowledge of the mixing desk, microphones and recording techniques for drums, bass, guitar and vocals. The Course participants will have the opportunity to work with professional equipment for sound recording and arrangement and participate in creation of commercial product. Creative Education Studio features a live recording area.


Fair knowledge of English language will be a great advantage if you are taking Audiology.

George Gvarjaladze

1 year


6 hours per week


2900 GEL


Fabrika-Tbilisi, 8 Ninoshvili Street


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