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ABC of Graphic Design

ABC of Graphic Design

The Course envelopes theoretical and practical parts. Its main objective is to study/analyze traditional and contemporary trends of graphic design. It is oriented on studying basic principles of (graphic) programs. Students will familiarize with the widespread principles of relationship with clients, methods of elaboration and implementation of projects. The course also intends to arrange workshops and presentations of invitee (designers) guests.


The Course “ABC of Graphic Design” is intended for 3 months and it consists of several major parts:


1.Basic principles of  Adobe Photoshop


2. Basic principles of Adobe Illustrator


3. Development of graphic design, modern tendencies and visual communication


4. Process of design elaboration


5. Print shop (typography) and text processing principles


6. principles of packaging design 


7. Color palette and of printing principles


8. Get-to-know workshop about WEB and APP development – instructor: Giorgi Mirianashvili



The concluding stage of the Course will be dedicated to the process of work on real project. Students will practically master learned material and demonstrate their skills.



Basic Principles of Adobe Photoshop

* Program interface and major principles of work.


* Types of working formats, distribution/dissemination of graphic composition and principles of work.


* Creation/making of an object, processing, image restoration, correction.


* Editing of color palette, contrasts and rendering.


* Text processing principles and methods of stabilization.


* Light/illumination-rendering.



Basic Principles of Adobe Illustrator

* Program interface and major principles of work

* Types of working formats, distribution/dissemination of composition

* Creation/Making of geometric/simple objects

* Principles of work with Pen Tool

* Elaboration of complex forms/objectives


Development of Graphic Design, Modern/Contemporary Tendencies and Visual Communication

* History of development od graphic design

* Trends and modern tendencies of graphic design

* Art of visual communication.

* Corporate style/process of identity elaboration



Design Elaboration Process

* Process of working task-brief familiarization and analyze

* Stages of design exploration/study

* Process of analyze and feasible trends selection

* Process of development of chosen trend and elaboration of strategy for the future



Print Shop/Typography and Text Processing Principles

* Types of fonts

* Anatomy/configuration of fonts

* Architecture of Georgian fonts

* Process of elaboration of font design



Principles of Wrapping/Covering Design

* Role of wrapping design

* Process of wrapping design and stages of work

* Label design process and tendencies for the future



Color Palette and Printing Principles

* Color groups

* Role and meaning/significance of color in graphic design

* Biased/Tendentious color palette and trends for the future

* Principles of printing work



Get-to-know Workshop on WEB and APP Development – instructor: Giorgi Mirianashvili

• What is application?  
• Methods of application making/creation

• Cross-platform development





• What is a web page and its components/parts

• What is HTML, CSS and JavaScript?

• What implies web design and development?



Concluding Project/Process of Work on Real Order

* Process of design elaboration

* Management of relationship with client

* Project presentation


Lado Kobakhidze



3 month



4 hours per week



1140/960 (physical/online)



Fabrika-Tbilisi, 8 Ninoshvili Street


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