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Digital Sketching

The Course covers theoretical and practical parts of digital sketching. The students will get acquainted with traditional and contemporary tendencies of sketching and master digital sketching method.

3 month Course (24 lessons) will be divided into in 4 stages.

Stage one: Basic principles of traditional sketching.

* Formation of perspective/perception of space/area.

* Segmentation/anatomy of the object.

* Distribution of composition.

* Perception of form and volume/capacity by means of a marker.

Stage two: basic principles of digital sketching.


* Method of digital sketching and ways of utilization of auxiliary tools.

* Process of sketching using Sketchbook / Photoshop.

* Role of digital sketching in the process of design elaboration/method of visual development od an idea.

Stage three: ability/skill of getting form.  

* Ability/skill of perceiving treatment of light and shade/finalization of surface.

* Sketch environment/scenario.

* Analyze of famous concept artists/designers (source of inspiration).

Stage four:

* 2D Rendering as realistically as possible (according to form, style and material).


Target groups;

Artists, designers, students who wish to master skills of high professional sketching, covering interrelation of traditional and modern (digital) programs and methods, as well as professional development of design and creative process. 


Lado Kobakhidze



3 month



4 hours per week



990 GEL



Fabrika-Tbilisi, 8 Ninoshvili Street


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