Creative thinking and professionalism
Film Directing Course-The Directors Notebook

CES Filmmaking Course

A ten month filmmaking course on film directing, modeled after the American film school system. Will include:


— The foundations of film directing, with a special focus on the principles of marketing; logistic, creative, and strategic planning.  Individual “project masterplans” will be developed and executed by each student.


— The opportunity to work on both group and individual projects. The projects will see completion at the final stages of the course, utilizing the school equipment.


— The course is structured with indie filmmaking in mind, letting the students explore all the stages of the filmmaking process and the responsibilities of the technical crew.


— Practical skillsets acquired through hands-on workshops. In the terms of final projects, assisting one anothers’ shoots.


— The potential to be selected for entry into the international film festival circuit upon selection of a completed project.





_______   Intro:


Survey of the industry, film marketing


Producing, financing, distributing


Author’s rights, Legal Rights, Clearance


The Film Package


_______   Course Fundamentals:


The Idea - from Research to Development.


Dramatic narrative  techniques —The Screenplay. 

[Film editing theory at the Screenwriting stage]


The Art and Grammar of Visual Narrative. 

[Film editing theory at the Visual Planning stage]


Director’s Draft — the final stage of the Directing Masterplan


Visual Scheme and Production Design


Sound Design


Acting for film.


Casting techniques, working with casting directors.


Working with actors.








The Set




We would like to stress that within the parameters of this course we do not offer practical training in film editing. Such a course is offered independently in CES as a standalone program teaching editing applications and using the appropriate equipment. This course will instead cover the segment of editing principles and theories necessary for film directors.


Nino Tavartkiladze



1 Year



9 hours per week (108 lectures)



2900 GEL



Fabrika-Tbilisi, 8 Ninoshvili Street


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