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Visuals in Max/MSP - Jitter

This Max/MSP - Jitter course consists of theoretical and practical parts. Its main objective is to familiarize students with the visual workflow in the Jitter environment. The main focus of the course will be on the technical aspects of the software, but in its duration we will discuss some aspects of New Media with the aim of contextualizing our work. Depending on the number of participants we will work on group or individual projects. The target audience for this course are people interested in VJ-ing, Interactive Installation, Moving Image, Generative Visuals and Custom Video Effects.


The course “Visuals in Max/MSP - Jitter” is intended for one month (10 meetings) and will touch upon several topics:


  • Introduction to Max/MSP + Jitter
  • Introduction to generative visuals      
  • MIDI, audio control
  • Introduction to GEN programming language
  • Introduction to openGL in Jitter
  • Advanced openGL topics
  • Shaders
  • Projection Mapping
  • Javascript (if time allows)
  • Individual/group work


In addition to these technical topics we will read and discuss some texts relevant to this field.


The concluding stage of the Course will be dedicated to project work (installation, visual performance) Students will demonstrate the skills they learnt and participate in a small exhibition.


Students will be expected to work on homework and prepare texts.


Introduction to Max/MSP + Jitter

  • Introduction to the Max environment
  • Navigating the programm
  • Basics of working with video
  • Matrices, Planes, jit.* objects

Introduction to generative visuals

  • Jit.bfg - working with random noise
  • - visual synthesis basics

MIDI, audio control

  • Controlling a patcher with MIDI
  • Audio-reactive principles

Introduction to GEN programming language

  • Jit.gen - per-pixel operations
  • Generative geometries
  • Creating images from functions

Introduction to openGL in Jitter

  • Basic principles of openGL - rendering, context
  • Working with 3D in Jitter

Advanced openGL topics

  • Textures
  • Lighting
  • Hierarchies


  • Custom shaders
  • - GEN, codebox
  • - GLSL

Projection Mapping

  • Projection mapping inside max
  • Spout/Syphon + Resolume integration

Javascript (if time allows)

  • Advanced scripting topics

Individual/group work

  • Work/Help with individual/group projects
  • Some interactive topics (Hardware integrations, Serial communication)
  • Presentation of projects


Nikoloz Kapandze



10 meetings



4 hours per week



350 GEL



Fabrika-Tbilisi, 8 Ninoshvili Street


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