Creative thinking and professionalism
DJ course

This DJ Course is perfect if you want to start DJing or need some help with your beat matching. We teach DJ how to mix across a whole range of musical styles. Over the course your tutor will guide you step-by-step through the equipment and techniques.  After you have mastered beat matching and want to learn more about latest DJ technology, we’ll look at CD mixing, MP3 mixing, effects and recording. We teach in small groups to ensure plenty of one-to-one coaching.


Here is the list of some of the equipment you will get your hands on: Turntables, Mixer and Pioneer CDJ.



Must love music and be able to count to 4.


Gio Shengelia

DJ Babba

Roman Abramov

Leon Lolishvili

2 month

3 hours per week


800 GEL



Fabrika-Tbilisi, 8 Ninoshvili Street

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