Creative thinking and professionalism
Graphic Design Advance

GRAPHIC DESIGN STAGE 2 The Program covers theoretical and practical parts of graphic design. During the course students will cope with creative and technical parts of graphic design.. Criteria of Course is knowing of Photoshop and illustrator basics. During the sessions we will deal with different thematic works (workshop) development during which the students will be envolved in interactive work process. They will be introduced to elaboration of stage of graphic design, will learn processes of Design Brief and analyze, communication with customers and what aspects of the design should be focused. They will also learn how is planned design process, what stages are covered by the time of work, what a value and kind has a communication process with the customer and in what kind and form should it have. What value has the initial phase of generation of idea and how happens the initial process of deliberation through photo materials and crucial words acquisition, what stages cover search of form phase during visual development of the process, what significance traditional and digital trends, how occurs creative process technical development of ides (transformation of idea into industrial project), what is the meaning of knowing different industrial or technical issues for effective management, what is the meaning of skill of presentation and how occurs getting ready for presentation and how it occurs. 




• Method of design elaboration 

• Search for inspiration 

• Generatiing idea 

• Process of logo elaboration 

• Elaboration of PATTERN 

• Elaboration of RENDER 

• Printing plant 

• Title printing 

• Editing of the text 

• Presentation skill TECHNICAL TREND

• Working principles of PHOTOSHOP 

• Working principles of ILLUSTRATOR 

• Brand handbook (guideline) 

• Method of preparation 

• Final magnitudes - technical parameters 

• Technical parameters of logo colors 

• Principal of preperation of the presentation 

• preperation of printing files 



Lado Kobakhidze




3 month



4 hours per week



990 GEL 



Fabrika-Tbilisi, 8 Ninoshvili Street


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