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ADVANCED SYNTHESIS: THEORY AND COMPOSITION in collaboration and partnership with AVB



Course for graduates of the 101 course and/or for those familiar with basics of synthesis theory, modular systems, and the history of synthesizers. This course features multiple components: 

An intensive study comprised of in-depth profiles of significant figures in synthesis history (Pauline Oliveros, Xenakis, György Ligeti, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Caterina Barbieri, and many others) accompanied by score/recording analysis. 


An expansion on modular systems that addresses more complex modules, providing a deeper focus on FM synthesis, granular synthesis, and sampling/field recording 


A profile of various contemporary module manufacturers , their approaches, and their offerings; there will be multiple Skype Q&As with representatives of different independent synth builders 


An overview of performance practice/live patching exercises, composition/notation/recording techniques, and film scoring 


Practical workshops for improvisation and collaboration with musicians performing on acoustic instruments 


Thanks to a partnership with AVB, we will have access to a Makenoise 0-coast semi- modular and a complete Makenoise system, including the following modules: 


✓ Rene 

✓ Contour 

✓ Qpas 

✓ Wogglebug, 

✓ Echophon 

✓ Maths 

✓ modDemix 



✓ Morphagen 

✓ Mimeophone 

✓ Pressure points 

✓ Brains 


✓ X-pan 

✓ Rosie 

✓ Optomix 

✓ Function 

✓ Tempi 


Overall, the program is centered around expanding the knowledge and implementation of synthesis practice through bi-weekly assignments related to production and composition - to this end, each student during the course of the 2 month program will compile a portfolio of sketches, notated and recorded compositions, and a detailed description of their unique approach to synthesis. The course culminates in a event that will serve as both a final concert that features performances from each student and as an official release for each student’s portfolio compositions that will be published in the form of a digital EP. 

Reading (digital copies will be provided by the instructor): 

⚫ Analog Days 


Trevor Pinch, Frank Trocco 

Patch & Tweak - Exploring Modular Synthesis 


Kim Bjørn , Chris Meyer


Ben Wheeler



3 month



4 hours per week



870 GEL



Fabrika-Tbilisi, 8 Ninoshvili Street