Creative thinking and professionalism
George Gvarjaladze (Audiology)
George Gvarjaladze

George Gvarjaladze, best known as Gvaji-sound designer, music tech specialist, producer and a composer studied at the faculty of law and jurisdiction, State University of Georgia, and at faculty of Christianise Archaeology, Friedrich-Alexander University in Nurnberg, Germany,. It was clear from his early days that he was strictly interested in music.


George started his career as a musician at the age of 16 playing guitar and bass guitar with artists like Giga Mickaberidze, Irakli Charkviani and Lado Burduli. He has participated in number of projects and recordings with number of artists and bands as a project manager and a sound designer. In 2000, George founded his first sound design and sound recording studio “Studio One”. 2002-2004 he was a technical manager at Venue-Club “Adjara Music Hall” and a sound designer at sound recording studio “Mi-Fa-Si”. 2004-2005 Gvaji was a producer and a host of a TV-Radio-Internet Live Show “Live Sound” at Stereo1/Radio1/ 2010, George was a sound engineer/tech manager in “Georgian Dream” recording studio/label. From 2008 he was a head of technical department at film production house “Georgian Film”. From 2011 till now Gvaji is a leading Sound njineering program in CES.

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