Creative thinking and professionalism
Keti Chitadze (Basis of Music Theory)
Keti Chitadze

Ketevan Chiladze - musicologist

Doctor of Arts


In 2002 graduated Tbilisi Balanchivadze Music College #3 and was enrolled in Tbilisi State Concervatoire at the department of Theory of Music. In 2012 she was awarded academic degree of Doctor of Art for the thesis “Transformation of the Genre Model of the Symphony in the 20th Century Music”. 


K. Chitadze organized many projects. Among them: “International Conference-Competition for Students in Musicology” that is annually carried out at Tbilisi state Conservatoire and is a significant event in the professional life of music theory students.



At various times K. Chitadze collaborated with “FOLK-RADIO” (was presenter of morning and evening programs) and RADIO 1 of Public Broadcaster (was correspondent and author of “RADIO-FULL HOUSE”). 



From time to time K.Chitadze publishes articles in Georgian and International magazines, she is one of the founders and an editor of blog:



K. Chitadze is also employed in theatrical sphere. From 2008 she is an actress at the Georgian State Hand Shadow Theatre “BUDRUGANA-GAGRA”.


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