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Natia Sartania-Kituashvili (Founder)
Natia Sartania-Kituashvili

Natia Sartania-Kituashvili also known as sTia was born in Tbilisi, Georgia. Classically trained pianist played with the Tbilisi Philharmonic orchestra at the age of seven, continuing to perform regularly in recitals. Natia was studying at Tbilisi Music gymnasium “Atstsledi”.


Natia left Georgia in 1995 and continued her education at London Trinity College of Music. During her TCM years she won number of piano competitions and was a Gold Medallist. Despite her classical backgrounds and education she was always open-minded towards all kinds of music, she was one of the first Georgian female DJs in 1995-2001 hosting number of shows on Radio One 106.4fm Tbilisi. In 2003, she stopped playing piano and replaced it with electronic music making.



In 2007 Natia moved back to Georgia and gave her debut appearance on Elecronaut 2007. In 2008, sTia gave a live performance in club NIGHTOFFICE with string quartet, Flute, Piano and electronic sounds. STia’s “Khorumi” was included in Georgian Ethnology. In 2009, her debut album was released by Caffe Belle De Jour Tbilisi. sTia's music has been included in number of movies and TV shows. 


From 2012 Natia is author and host of Radio Show “Soundtrack of your Life” on radio “Hot Chocolate” 98.5 fm Tbilisi.  


Natia is founder, director and academic course leader of Creative Education Studio.


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