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Levan Shanshiashvili
Levan Shanshiashvili

Levan plays guitar since the age of 8. He studied at the 3rd Music College on the faculty of classical guitar. He graduated from the Georgian State Conservatoire with bachelor and magistracy degrees in classical guitar.


Levan’s first band was called “CHAOS” (guitar, vocals, and songwriter).


During 2002-2009 he was part of the band “Young Georgian Lolitaz” (guitar, midi guitar).


At the same time Levan collaborated with different Georgian artists: Dato Gabunia, Bakur Burduli, David Zhorzholadze, etc. He also created/wrote music for radio “Chocolate”. Levan is one of the founders of project “AIVANI” (balcony) that facilitates development of Georgian acoustic music.


In 2011 Levan founded “KID JESUS” (guitar, keyboard, vocals, and songwriter). In 2012 the group won “NEWCOMERS” contest and in 2013 they performed at Tbilisi Open Air. The same year their single “H-I-K-I-K-O-M-O-R-I” was released.

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