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Natalie TBA Beridze
Natalie TBA Beridze

Natalie Beridze is a Georgian music composer and songwriter.

Beridze was born in Tbilisi, Georgia, in 1979. She graduated from two master courses in Public Administration and media sciences.  

Beridze was a member of an artistic collective Goslab, which existed in Tbilisi. Besides her academic studies, she started to make short films and music videos. One of her videos won a second prize at Oberhausen short film festival. Soon after she switched to making music. 

In 2002 she got a record deal in Germany and moved there.  She lived and worked in Germany till 2008. Her artist name is TBA. 




2002 - (max.Ernst) CD tba/tba 

2002 - LP tba `georgia is like spiritual Tokyo` 

2003 - (max.Ernst) CD tba-natalie beridze `annulè` 

2003 - (Monika Enterprise) CD `4 woman no cry` 

2003 - (collette) mix CD collaboration/tba `Z. kluchik` 

2005 - (max.Ernst) CD tba empty `stupid rotation` 

2006 - (max.Ernst) double 12" tba empty `stupid rotation` 

2007 - (max.Ernst) double CD tba-natalie beridze `size and tears` 

2007 - (max.Ernst) CD natalie beridze `The Other` 

2007 - (chainmusic) collaboration, tba `menik` 

2007 - (max.Ernst) LP Nate Fisher `donoteatonlsd` 

2008 - CMYK Nate FIsher. net28 

2009 - (Laboratory Instinct) CD Tusia Beridze "Pending"

2010 - (Laboratory Instinct) EP Tusia Beridze "dunno"

2010 - (Monika Enterprise) EP Natalie Beridze tba "what about things like bullets"

2011 - (Monika Enterprise) CD Natalie Beridze tba "forget/fulness" 

2014 - A-symmetry ( Natalie Beridze & Antye Greie aka AGF ) " I Am Life "

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