Creative thinking and professionalism
Nino Tavatrkiladze (Film Directing)
Nino Tavartkiladze

Nino Tavartkiladze – film and promo media director


Tbilisi State University of Theatre and Film

New York Film Academy (NYFA) - Universal Studios LA.


(Additional academic programs: Movie marketing and producing, History of information, Film editing and Compositing techniques, Acting —  Lee Strasberg Method Acting)


After her return from New York Film Academy, Tbilisi State University launched the two year Film Directing course in which Nino contributed her knowledge and experience. The course graduates currently work successfully in the film, advertising and TV industries.


After the following courses, CES launched a music video directing course during which, in the framework of experimentation, students learned music video as a marketing medium and the process of its creation and composition.


Selected work:


Gogi Dzodzuashvili and Nino Palavandishvili —  Kampolina


The project was planned in the framework of Nino’s NYFA diploma. The production was completed at Universal Studios, LA.


Z for Zulu —  Boy


With the creation of the music video for this popular electronic track, “Boy” gained a layer of social awareness and a critical lens through which it is viewed.


Currently Nino is working on a new project: a full-length feature film, with a scheduled production date of Spring/Summer 2017.



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