Creative thinking and professionalism
Daro Sulakauri (Photography / ABC of Graphic Design guest tutor)
Daro Sulakauri

Daro Sulakauri (B. 1985) is a freelance Photojournalist and representative of New York photo
Sulakauri Graduated at the International School of Photography (ICP) in New York in
photojournalism. She is the only Georgian photographer who won a Magnum Photo Prize in
“Young Photographer in the Caucasus Award”.
She was awarded in numerous awards, such asÍž Best Photo series in LensCulture Visual
Storytelling Awards (Lensculture listed among the eight best photography online publications),
received first prize for Best photo for EU Prize for Journalism, Winner of Human Right House
in London, Shortlisted for Magnum Foundation Emergency Photographers fund and 7th
Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, Selected winner for AMERICAN PHOTOGRAPHY 25 ,
received a Scholarship from I C P ’s Director fund and John and Marie Phillips Scholarship in New
York, OSF fund and named as SocialDocumentary photographer of the year.
She is best known for her photo essays, “Terror Incognita” , story on Chechen refugees living on
the territory of Georgia and “Deprived of Adolescence”, on early marriages in Georgia. Her work
focuses on social and political issues and is mostly about the lives of Caucasus people.
Sulakauri’s work has been published in Sunday Times, New York Times Lens, Lens Culture,
Daily Telegraph, Saveur, The Economist, Forbes Magazine USA, Zeke magazine, Bloomberg,
Exhibited in New York, Washington D.C. Prague, Tokyo, Milan, Vienna, and other.

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