Creative thinking and professionalism
Robert Lippok Workshop

Robert Lippok Workshop




03.03 / 14.04 / 05.05.2018

Kordz - Workshop - Strange Production Techniques And Other Ideas

Kordz - Workshop - Strange Production Techniques And Other Ideas.


Velvet Talk Session with Giorgi Kancheli

Velvet Talk Session with Giorgi Kancheli


World Composition Workshop from Ben Wheeler

World Composition Workshop from Ben Wheeler.


SOU Fest Workshop Sessions: Lawrence English

SOU Fest Workshop Sessions: Lawrence English

SOU Fest Workshop Sessions: Christopher Tignor

SOU Fest Worshop session with Christopher Tignor

CES Gradiation 2017

CES Graduation 2017

July 15


15:00 Flea Market



16:00 Anushka Chkheidze

17:00 Kotodama

17: 30 Mess_Montage

18:00 Riging Beats


19:00 Graduation Ceremony


20:00 Sophie Villy

21:00 MokuMoku

22:00 Kordz

Nikoloz Kapanadze Workshop



Max-Msp/Adruino Workshop with Nikoloz Kapanadze

CES at Fabrika Christmas Fair
Alexander Imnadze Workshop


Nitepunk Workshop


CES Graduation Day 2016
Talks with Nino Kirtadze

28 March, 2016


CES Filmmakers meet Film-Director Nino Kirtadze.


Here is the video link:


Visual Programming Max/MSP/Jitter

23-24 March 2016


Visual Programming Max/MSP/Jitter workshop session with Nikoloz Kapanadze.

SAE Institute workshop



"Learn What You Love" workshop presented by Paul Johnson from SAE Institute.

Digital Sketching workshop from Lado Kobakhidze



Workshop from Lado Kobakhidze about Digital Sketching.

FX Boad Architecture workshop from Levan Shanshiashvili



Workshop from Levan Shanshoashvili about how to build an FX Board

PHOTOMANIPULATE LIFE workshop from Gega Nizharadze



Photo Manipulation workshop from Gega Nizharadze.

Max/MSP with Bernt Isak Waerstad (CITY SOUNDS)

Project: Series of Public Masterclasses and workshops

Subject: Max/MSP+Max for Live

Tutor: Bernt Isak Waerstad (Norway)

Host: Creative Education Studio


Workshop Plan:

9 October: 

10:00 - 12:00: Introduction to Max/MSP and basic DSP

12:30 - 14:30: Make your own synthesizer

10 October:

10:00 - 12:00: More Max/MSP and basic DSP

12:30 - 14:30: Make your own effect

11 October: 

10:00 - 12:00: Introduction to Max for Live

12:30 - 14:30: Make your own Max for Live instrument

12 October: 

10:00 - 12:00: Make your own Max for Live effect

12:30 - 14:30: Students present their work for each other

Each day complimentary lunch will be served

Making ციცი BEAR with Dr. Love



Dr. Love came to help us make stencil "ციციBEAR".

It;s always onspiring to have Dr. Love in the studio.


App Republic Workshop


CES is always happy to host one of our own students for workshop.


App Republic (Georg Koridze) shared his tricks with CES students and tolked about Workflow, sound design, micro editing, SFX design, granular synthesis using Ableton Live.

Thomas Fehlmann



CES hosted "Quenstions&Answers" where Thomas Fehlmann met CES students and Georgian DJ and Producers.


Event was organized by CITYSOUNDS.


Ivan Dorn Workshop



Ivan came to visit studio, met CES students and talked about his carier.

Talk was very inspiring. CES students are looking forwart to meeting him again soon.


Koka Nikoladze Workshop



Koka Nikoladze about MAX / MSP graphical music language. 

Korablove Making a Track from the Scratch



Russian artist Korablove visited CES and gave us a workshop, where he has made a track from the scratch in 15 minutes.

Presentation of Klangendum & short performance by the X Static Tics



Klangendum was founded in 2013 by lukas Simonis and Henk Bakker, who are both long term organisers (and co-founders) at Worm, Rotterdam, producing countless events and productions for Radio, Studio and Live Events. 

Workshop with Ketty Van Doln



This introductory-level workshop covers: short history review of sound art in 20 century, description of different types of sound and an introduction to audio field recording/phonography, including basics of equipment, recording techniques and listening examples. No prior experience with recording is required. 


Duration: 3 hours.


Required equipment: a couple of simple kits (recorders) may be required for the field recording as well as a couple of headphones.

Workshop with DJ Scientist


Over the past few years, DJ Scientist has become an important figure in the German Hip-Hop and Electronic scene. Running the international label Equinox Records and publishing a magazine (DEAD Magazine), he still takes his time to dj at clubs, release mixes, expand his record collection and, last but not least, produce music. 

CES is extremely proud and lucky to give CES students a chance to meet the man himself. 

All DJs and music producers are welcome.

CES Spring Fest 2014 (Graduation Day)

Host-Tbilisi Sailing Club.



CES Spring Fest Event Activities:

1.       Street Art

2.       Planting

3.       Flee Market

4.       Sailing

5.       CES Certificate “Ceremony”

6.       Picnic

7.       Live+DJ Sets

Goldierocks visiting CES

On 24th of April 2014 Samantha Hall AKA Goldierocks visited CES. 


Her visit has been organized by British Council in Georgia. Samantha gave CES student a talk, she talked about her experience in music industry and gave student some advises   how to survive in music business and be successful.


After talking to Goldierocks, students made a compilation of their music for her.

You can listen to it here

Stare at DJ 017 from CES with Kid Jesus and Rezo Glonti

On the 16th March 2014, CES hosted Stare at DJ 017 with Georgian artists Kid Jesus and Rezo Glonti.


For more info about Stare at DJ

CES for Radio

Summer 2013



CES "Graphic Design" student did rebreanding of Radio "Shokoladi" with a great help of their Tutor and course leader Lado Kobakhidze.

6 July, 2013, Workshop with Koka Nikoladze "Music Programming Perspectives"

On the 6th of July Koka Nikoladze gave us a workshop about Music Programming. At first we talked about many possibilities and perspectives of music programming. Koka gave us a presentation of his own virtual music applications. Koka showed us how to make a virtual instrument using Csound program.


At the end of the workshop, all of us together, we made a new model of famous virtual glissando sound. 

30 June, 2013, Workshop with Dr. Love

On the 30th of June, Dr. Love with Miro and frinds gave us a workshop about "Street Art and Stencils". 


We watched Miros short movie about Street Art. We talked about technical and practical sides of street art and safety. We made a stencils from scratch.


Most importantly 2 days after 3 of CES students came back to the studio with their own stencils.


We had a very productive day here at CES, thanks to Dr. Love and friends.

Ableton Live with Nick Chavchavadze

Here at CES Ableton Live is a 4 month program, 32 lessons.  Our curriculum guides you through the artistic experience of discovering your sounds and developing it into a unique body of work.


Our Ableton live expert will help you to learn valuable techniques and by the end of the program you’ll be able to produce a multi-track EP.

12 March, 2013. Ilia Ludovich's Workshop

The work shop consist of both theory and a practical part and the lesson is about different ways of working with animation plastics and materials in stop-motion, animation and contemporary technologies of it's production, particularly at home or in a low budget studio.

Basis of Music Theory with Natia Dekanosidze

One year Course of the Basics of music theory is destined to the individuals  working in different genres of music, musicians and performers, composers and music producers, sound engineers and other specialists concerned with musical arts and industry who wish to obtain basic theoretical skills and knowledge in this field in the short period of time. 

13 January 2013 Open Day



CES Held open day for:


DJ cource (Gio Shengelia)


Basis of Music Theory (Natia Dekanosidze)


ABC of Graphic Design (Taho Magradze)


Experimenting in Graphic Design (Maia Sumbadze)



Stare at DJ 009 from CES with Little miss Sunshine

On the 12 of January CES was hosting Stare at Dj 009 with Miss Sunshine.

For more info about Stare at DJ visit







CES for Electronauts 2012




On the 30 of December 2012, CES gave a prize for "The Best Track of the Year" - Gacha "Remember" on Elecronauts 2012. Prize was given by CES Co-founder and director Natia Sartania-Kituashvili AKA sTia and head of Sound Engineering Program George Gvarjaladze AKA Gvaji.



Stare at DJ 006 from CES studio with Mario Basanov

On the 23rd of November 2012, CES was hosting Stare at DJ 006 with Mario Basanov.

Music Production with Nika Kocharov

Music ProductionCourse is a 3 month programme designed to give students a professional approach to producing music in any style or genre. Starting with a comprehensive introduction to Ableton Live, the programme explores sampling, synthesis, audio recording, Arrangement Techniques, Programming and editing.

22 September 2012 Open Day



CES held open day for:


Music Production


DJ course


Digital Media

M V Directors' Cut

M V Directors' Cut is a 3 month program, it takes place twice a week. It is amazing what you can do in 3 month.


We appreciate Nino Tavartkiladze's affors. 

Workshop with Koka Nikoladze



On the 12th of May CES had a very special guest, Koka Nikoladze. He gave us a workshop. We talked about sound and new technologies.


We thank Koka for an invaluable day.

Stare at DJ 004 from CES

On the 29th of April, CES has hosted a DJ live-sream "Stare at DJ 004".

Here are some photoes.


Digital Media Talk with Liza Asatiani (Kantora) 21/04/2012



Digital Media group had a very productive talk with designer and art-director of "Kantora" Liza Asatiani.


We thank Liza for her friendship with CES.

DJ course

DJ course is a 2 months program. It takes place twice a week.


Digital Media

Digital Media is a 3 months web-design and graphic-design program. It takes place twice a week. 


We are very proud of Niki Getsadze, who is giving amazing presentations and leading very interesting lessons. 


Audiology is a one year sound engineering course. It takes place twice a week. Lessons are highly enjoyable and all of our student feel at home, like one big family. 


We are all extremely proud of George Gvarjaladze, who makes the learning proses into a really amazing experience.  

Work in Progress

Idea of CES came in early October. We had a location and nothing else. We had to transfer 2 good size rooms into design studio and audio recording studio. Design studio was easy but with the audio recording studio much work had to be done. Work is still in progress and here are some photo updates how things are done.