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Music Business Management

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Tutors: Tevdore Makashvili / Jaba Shavishvili / Mirian Kululashvili

Duration: 2 months

Hours: 4 hours per week

Price: 700 GEL

Language: Georgian 

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            Currently in the world music industry is wider than it was 20 years ago. Today it is a multibillion industry covering millions of people of different professions. Digital revolution, together with everything else, changed the structure and acting methods of this industry. Accordingly, many professionals of this trend of activity had to adapt with this new model to for achieving success which is the most of the people’s desire. 

            We can admit that in Georgia we are on the first stage of transition of music industry. During last 10 years when the transition and activity had started, we received a good outcome in many trends, but in the remaining part we have to do much more.

            The Course “Music Business Management” aims to be conducive to making the people interested in music industry professionals in this sphere. We will share with our students theoretical and practical knowledge about what is modern music industry, what are its challenges, necessities, what needs the musician and how the art management team will help him in achieving his results, managing his career himself, generate income and what skills he will develop for fulfilling his wishes. 

            The Course will cover such basic issues of music industry as music industries legal, financing, marketing, ethical and creative issues. After the completion of the Course students will have worked out all practical skills and theoretical knowledge that will assist him in satisfy his interests in music industry locally as well as globally. 


For whom is destined this Course?           

This Course is for those people who are either who is already included in music industry or wishes to be included in it in other trends of it for obtaining position of label, art management, booker, or live industry representative. Also the Course is for musicians who wishes to be more fastidious in the full process of modern music industry, full process of its functionality starting with the realization of music creative work and ending with management of rights which will enable them to effectively manage their career. 


What will you learn during the Course?

  • Structure and dynamics of music industry sectors, their structures and dynamics. 

  • Realization of author rights and adjacent rights and finding ways of monetarization and popularization in the epoch of Internet. 

  • Prospects of music industry players: publishers, labels, bookers, etc. Specifics of their activities and prospects of collaboration with them. 

  • Working knowledge in music industry of contacts, legislation, and knowledge about innovational business, music management, music edition in the sector of practice events. 

  • Models of International music markets. 

  • The newest tactics and instruments for successful musician’s branding and social marketing and social media marketing. 

  • Management of events and planning tours. 

  • Definition of basic functions and commitments in the artist’s team. 

  • Acquaintance with the executing equipment and the leader. 

  • Possibilities of bearing out of recorded music on market and its distribution.  

  • Management of music projects. 



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