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ფულია სელიკენის ვოკშოფი ინგლისურ ენაზე "Experiences in Sound Design" (SynthMaster) 20 მაისი, 2022

We are excited to welcome and host Fulya Celikel at our studia with her workshop.

This workshop will explore the history and essentials of sound design, proceeding to focus on the capabilities of Kv331Audio SynthMaster2 on desktop and iOS. Fulya will also discuss career modes in the music industry and academia, as well as theoretical issues that fall under the domain of Musicology and/or music theory.

Fulya studied music theory, composition and classical piano at Bilkent University in Ankara, following up with a Performing Musician master degree on piano from The Netherlands. After working for seven years in Europe, she decided on academia and begun further studies on Musicology at Istanbul Technical University, Center for Advanced Studies in Music. Her Master’s thesis is on 19th Century piano music with narrative titles. During the early PhD, she changed course and started doing practice-led research on metal musicianship. She defended her thesis: “Music Non-literate Virtuosi: The Autodidact Metal Musician” in 2019. Fulya is currently working at Sabancı University for over a decade and teaches courses on classical music history and 20th Century music history, that encompasses both art and popular music. She has a performance and studio career as a metal keyboardist, singer and synthesizer artist. Fulya is simultaneously working in the audio sector as a product manager for SynthMaster, a software synthesizer company, since 2018.

This workshop is free entry.

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