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Modular Synth & Sound Design


Tutor: Ben Wheeler

Duration: 3 months

Hours: 4 hours per week

Price: 990 GEL

Language: English

Related Courses: Advanced Synth: Theory & Composition

Synthesis 101 is a three-month theoretical/practical course

about Synthesis and Synthesizers based on traditional and modular synthesizers (specifically the Doepfer System-100). The majority of the course is dedicated to the study of the principles of subtractive synthesis and modular synthesis


During the course students will learn the basic building blocks of synthesis, their application, the basic technical and psycho-acoustic principles of sound design, sound creation, and receive an overview of the process of working with electronic instruments and modular synthesizers.


During the course we will also discuss the history of synthesis and historically important synthesizers, get acquainted with modern synthesizers, discuss different synthesis methods (adiabatic, FM synthesis, granular synthesis, cross modulation synthesis, etc.), and learn about emerging global trends in modular communities, including DIY rigs, circuit bending, and hack spaces.  


We will also look at some of the tools that are currently available for those who wish to work with synthesis: Doepfer System-100 (Modular System), Veromona synthesizer, Moog Grandmother, Arturia Minibrute, Buchla Music Easal, PocketPiano, Korg Ms-20, Roland Tr-8, Moog MF-101 filter, Korg Microkorg, Microkorg XL, etc. 


The training consists of both physical synthesizers and the base of Ableton Analog and VCV Rack (modular software).


Students will have the opportunity to learn about the Dopfer A-100 BS2 modular synthesizer at CES studio. 


Course syllabus:

Lesson 1 - Basics of sound Physics.

Lesson 2 - Basics of sound Physics. 2.


Tools for Sound Visualizing Tools/ Synthesizer Architecture.

Lesson 3 - Oscillators 1

Lesson 4 - Oscillators 2

Lesson 5 - Filters 1

Lesson 6 - Filters 2

Lesson 7 - ADSR -1

Lesson 8 - ADSR -2

Lesson 9 - LFO 1

Lesson 10 - LFO 2

Lesson 11 - Basic Patching 1

Lesson 12 - Basic Patching 2

Lesson 13 - Overview of Different Types of Synthesis

Lesson 14 - History of synthesizers,

Lesson 15 - Student Project

Lesson 16 - Overview

Lesson 17-23 (Modular synthesis, basic patching, singular flow, rhythmic patching, generative patching, information about popular modules, etc.)

Lesson 24 - student project, course feedback.


The course will consist of theoretical lectures, discussions with students, hands-on work and homework. Course content is adapted for specific groups. Course will be taught in English with assistance and clarification in Georgian whenever necessary. 

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