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Anushka Chkheidze - Lost Luggage [NEW MUSIC VIDEO]

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

CES Records announces Anushka Chkheidze's EP release date (29.09.2023) and releases music video from upcoming EP "Lost Luggage". Since the release of her award winning full-length debut album “Halfie” in 2020, Anushka has been rising steadily, her sound evolving through the styles as she explores forms of ambient, IDM and more.

“Lost Luggage” is a result of Anushka moving from home to another place, feeling nostalgic about people and places she loves. EP is compiled of 4 tracks, all written is Utrecht.

Music written & produced by Anushka Chkheidze

Mastering by Giorgi Koridze

Music Video created by Nika Machaidze


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