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Lado Gigaia's seminar - "Birth of Rock and Roll" [27.03.2024]

Updated: Mar 22

On Tuesday, March 27, at 19:00 at CES, you are invited to a seminar by Lado Gigaia - "The Birth of Rock and Roll; A History of Popular Music from the Early Twentieth Century to 1955". Lado is a composer of electronic music. Since 2017, he has been playing in the band "On the Road" and since 2020, "Bacho Jikidze and Aesthetic Boys".

Lado graduated from the Faculty of Electronic Composition at the University of Rome, Saint Louis College of Music, as well as from the Faculty of Music History at the University of Rochester.

On the seminar, Lado will take you through the history of the American musical world of the first half of the twentieth century. The musical or social characteristics of mainstream pop, country and rhythm and blues, the story of their development and fusion. Lado will talk about the importance of technology development in the music industry, as well as the role of music in the process of breaking racial and social segregation. Characteristics of the industry and their transformation in 1900 - 1955.

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8 Ninoshvili Street

2 477 588


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