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[New Release] Gogi Dzodzuashvili & Mzia Arabuli - იას უთხარით

„Ias Utkharit“ it is the album created through the collaboration of Gogi Dzodzuashvili and Mzia Arabuli in the spread of 21 years (2001-2022).

Mzia is from Khevsureti (High mountains of Caucasus) and she works as an actress at the Movie actors’ theatre, Tbilisi. She remembers from her childhood folk songs sang in her family, magic poetry characterized as the mixture of Christian rituals and elements of Paganism. ,,Ias Utkharit” compiles of 12 original compositions, Mzia sings on the 11 of them. In the song ,,Ias Utkharit” and ,,Arts Ra” are used Vazha-Pshavelas poems ,,Nanukela” and ,,Erti Chita” are folk lullabies for children, ,,Dalay” is a mourning song for dead warriors that was mostly sang in Tusheti, ,,Vepkhi da Mokme” is a folk poetry and in the middle part of it there are some elements of Khevsurian mourning (Ayyy,HHihhia HHia). ,,Dideba” is a folk song sang by Khevsurs, when several representatives of one big family gathered for Christmas praising Lord while they set their children in their shoulders. Here Mzia added one element, She sings this song imitating as if she calls from one mountain to the other. ,,Bindy”, ,,Mze Shina da Mze Gareta” and ,,Varskvlavebi” are folk poetry. Mzia presents it as a magic incantation, especially in ,,Mze Shina da Mze Gareta” you can hear the elements of a person in incantation in trance. ,,Varskvlavebi” is sang like an incantation of The Sun worshiper.

It would be interesting to know that in the ,,Tetro Karo Gafrenilo” Mzia borrowed the texts from Georgian magic poetry. These texts are mostly pagan but they contain Christian elements that is typical for mountainous regions.

To all the above described is added Gogi Dzodzuashvili’s electronic music. Mzia’s song and Gogi’s music creates two parallel lines that don’t intersect each other but it seems, they create the third line independent from each other.

released November 18, 2022

All songs written by Gogi Dzodzuashvili & Mzia Arabuli except "ქართული" written by Gogi Dzodzuashvili

Music written & produced by Gogi Dzodzuashvili

Lyrics: Folk except for "იას უთხარით" and "არც რა" written by Vajha-Pshavela

Vocals by Mzia Arabuli

Mastered by Giorgi Koridze

Coverart photo by Marika Asatiani

Design by Lado Kobakhidze

Bandcamp link below:


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