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Tazo Meipariani-New Artist on CES Records

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

CES Records is delighted to welcome new artist. Young and talanted Tazo Meipariani.

They will be releasing his debut album "Cold Outside" 03/03/2023

Prior to the album 2 singles will be released from "Cold Outside": 22/03/2023 "I Have To Remember My Dreams"

and 28/03/2023 "Awtekre".

Cover-Arts by Tazo Meipariani.

Tazo Meipariani, 22 years old graphic designer and musician from Tbilisi, Georgia. Tazo has been passionate about art since he was a little kid and started creating it from a young age. Over the years his love for creating has only strengthened, he finds himself constantly seeking new ways to express himself. Music is his true passion. Tazos inspiration comes from the sounds of everyday life – the rhythms and patterns that we often take for granted. He thrives in chaos and motion and he is always looking for the ways to infuse that energy into his music.

photo by Mariam Barbakadze

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