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Advanced Graphic Design


Tutor: Lado Kobakhidze

Duration: 3 months

Hours: 4 hours per week

Price: 1140 GEL

Language: Georgian

Related courses: ABC of Graphic DesignDigital Sketching / UI/UX

Advanced Graphic Design 3 months program is for students with basic knowledge of adobe Ps and Ai. The program includes the theoretical and practical part of graphic design. During the course, students will be introduced to creative and technical side of graphic design. 


During the lectures students will deal with different thematic work (workshop) in which they will be involved in an interactive process. They will be introduced with the stages of design development, how the processes of design assignment (Design Brief) is studied and analyzed, communication with the client and what important aspects of the project should be focused on. How the design process is planned, what stages are included during the project work time, how important it is to communicate with the client for the effective development of the project, and in what manner the process will take place. 


What value has the initial phase of generation of idea and how the design thinking process takes place, in the form of finding inspirational photographs and using keywords. What are the stages of the form search phase, when the process of visual development of ideas takes place, what is the significance of traditional and digital work directions, how the creative process is technically developed (transformation of idea into industrial project), knowledge of various production or technical issues is important for effective project management. What is the importance of skill of presentation and how is the presentation material prepared and conducted. 


Creative Directions:

  • Method of design development

  • Search for inspiration

  • Generating ideas

  • Logo development process

  • Pattern development

  • Rendering

  • Typography

  • Title typography

  • Text editing

  • Presentation skills


Technical Directions:

  • Adobe Ps

  • Adobe Ai

  • Brand book

  • Preparation

  • Dimensions of symbols / tech. Options

  • Logo color tech. options

  • The principle of preparation of the presentation

  • Preparation of print files

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