Digital Sketching

Tutor: Lado Kobakhidze

Duration: 3 month

Hours: 4 hours per week

Price: 1140 GEL

Language: Georgian

Related Courses: ABC of Graphic Design / Advanced Graphic Design / UI/UX

This 3-month course covers theoretical and practical parts of digital sketching, in which students will learn about traditional and modern tendencies sketching trends, master the method of digital sketching.

Within the 3-month course, covering 24 lessons will be divided into 4 stages. 

Stage one: Basic principles of traditional sketching:

* Ability to build perspective / perception of space.
* Segmentation/anatomy of the object.
* Distribution of composition.
* Perception of shape and volume through a marker.

Stage two: basic principles of digital sketching:

* Method of digital sketching and ways of using auxiliary digital tools.

* Process of sketching using Sketchbook / Photoshop. 

* Role of digital sketching in the process of design elaboration/method of visual development of the idea.

Stage three: ability/skill of forming a shape: 

* Ability of perceiving reflection and shades / surface finish.
* Sketch environment/scenario.
* Analysis of various outstanding concept artists and designers (source of inspiration).

Stage four:

* 2D Rendering to convey an idea as realistically as possible(according to shape, style and material).


Target group:

Artists, designers, students aiming to master high professional sketching skills, which includes both traditional and modern (digital) applications and methods, as well as professional development of the design and creative process.