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DIY Modular & Audio Product Design Workshop (Davit Malania & Iva Salukvadze) 19.09.2022

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

We are delighted to host founders of the first Georgian company that produces Eurorack modules and audio accessories, Davit Malania & Iva Salukvadze of "Ambient".

Build and design your first VCO workshop will be held at our studio 19.09.2022.

During the workshop Davit and Iva will talk about how the Eurorack synthesizer modules are built in "Ambient", they will go in details into the construction of the Saw wave VCO, a voltage controlled oscillator. Davit and Iva will talk about the priciples of receiving different types of audio waves in analog electronics, as well as the importance of the design of "Eurorack" panels, its basics and important notes when assembling DIY modules.

Workshop is free entry.

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