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Singer-Songwriting Course


Tutor: Ketato Nergadze [LUA]

Duration: 2 months

Hours: 3 hours per week

Price: 780 GEL

Language: Georgian / English

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The singer song-writing course is ideal for people who want to write songs and perform them themselves or to write songs for other people. For the potential participants of the course, it will be an advantage to be instrumentalist, to be able to sing and/or to be able to work on any DAW.

The length of the course is two months.  Each lecture will be devoted to a topic that plays a crucial role in the process of songwriting, these are: chord (harmonic) progression, building a melody, writing lyrics, musical directions (genres), the role of improvisation in the process of songwriting, the role of collaboration in the process of creating a song, creating music for advertising, different types of inspiration, finding and receiving them.

In addition to the theoretical lectures, there will be practical assignments that will help course members develop the ability to go deeper into the writing process and performance.

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