Songwriting & Music Production


Tutors: Natalie Beridze / Nika Machaidze

Duration: 3 months

Hours: 4 hours per week

Price: 1140 GEL

Language: Georgian / English

Related Courses: Ableton LiveSound Engineering / Music Production with hint of Songwriting

Participant of the course must be famillier with music software such as  Ableton Live / FL / Logic pro / Cubase...

The course involves producing music from the scratch and getting famillier with songwriting skills. 

During the course students will experiment various musical genres such as: electronic, contemporary, pop, experimental and film music, which will help them discover their own unique sound.


Music production/composition (we compose music for a song)

Harmony and its immediate production. Diverse (different and various) ways: objective; development of harmony or its simplification; survey/review of such songs in those vocal and narration through vocal has  a leading part/role; itilization of vocal: vocal as the leading/principal element or vocal as an instrument that is almost incorporatedas music.  

Project: we compose music, lesten, review, discuss.  



Setting vocal to music. Poem/verse, text, inspiration.Presenting how to write a poem for a song. Sometimes, song title – combination of several words - occurs before music composition and becomes an inspiration for the further process. Composition/song title is very vital/essential/important.  

Reasoning – words that become music or on the contrary – music that turns into music. Selecting excerpts from favorite poetry and adjusting it to one’s own verse and music in the rhythmic and meaningful way. Thinking about emotions and nature. Simultaneously all the students work on the text/lyrics for their song. We discuss significance of text/lyrics’ role in the song. We read and discover favorite poets. What is the difference between the lyrics/poem for the composed music from a poem/verse? What kind of modulation it requires on the assumption of rhythmic and melodic structure?  To what extend is significant its sincerity and authenticity?

We start working on directly on vocal. Invention-improvisation of melody.  

Searching the non-standard ways in song. Using of parallel vocals-polyphony.  

Project: completing the song. 




Pairing students and discussing collaborative process.  

Project: collaboration with a partner.


Making cover of track chosen by the group. Outplaying harmony on the existing melody. 

Project: cover-track  




Project: review of learned materials.