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Sound Engineering

Tutors: Nasi Chavchavadze / Alexandre Khokhiashvili / Gvaji / Davit Bakuradze

Duration: 6 + 3 month

Hours: 4 hours per week

Price: 2280 + 1200 GEL

Language: Georgian

Related Courses: Music Production with hint of Songwriting / Songwriting & Music Production 

Sound Engineering course is a one-year program that teaches basics of physics of sound, sound perception and audio engineering in particular. Starting from theoretical elements students go through all the steps of practical work. Participants of the Course have a unique opportunity to learn different stages of creating audio and audio-visual product with actual ongoing projects of prominent musicians and filmmakers. Also, a big deal of a course is given to a comprehensive introduction to Pro Tools, the most widely used audio creation/production system in the industry.

The main approach of the course leaders is “learning by doing” but based on deep theoretical lessons that are given during the first several weeks of the course. Having theoretical and practical understanding of a subject is your key for a further successful work in a recording studio, film set, live concerts or all kinds of pre and post-production. That is why a lot of lessons have a form of a real fieldwork where our students are getting familiar with all kind of cables, great many variety of microphones, mixing desk and recording techniques for the most commonly used musical instruments, as well as vocals and voice over for video products. Having access to one of the best equipped studios of the city – Leno Records – is an additional bonus for all our students.

By the end of the course successful distinguished students are becoming part of a sound engineers’ team and have a great choice of their employment. And this is the main objective of the Course – having graduates that can actually join the industry and grow professionally during their independent work. 

First 6 months of the course is led by Nasi Chavchavadze, Alexander Khokhiashvili & Davit Bakuradze, most of the lectures take place at CES studio, though, learning recording techniques will take place at Leno Records. After compliting first 6 months of the course, successful students will continue next 3 months of the course with Gvaji at Leno Records. 

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