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Hip-Hop Beat/Instrumental Production course 


Tutor: Grigor Lagidze

Duration: 2 months (18 Lessons)

Hours: 4 hours per week 

Price: 800 GEL

Language: Georgian / English

Related Courses: Ableton Live / Music Production with hint of Songwriting / Songwriting & Music Production / Sound Engineering


This course is customized with the knowledge of music production via audio workstation Ableton Live. Course is Providing practices and theory around hip-hop music culture, Beat-making, Advanced sampling skills and techniques, real-time recording and record editing, Gear selection and live performance of finalized projects.


Lesson 1 : Getting familier with the hip-hop culture ( BPM range oldschool newschool bpm range / Audio and MIDI tracks / clips / racks / samplers) 


Lesson 2 : Getting to Know the hiphop instrumental fundamentals (digital and sample drum / main samples and secondary samples / bass / recordings / FXs) 


Lesson 3 : Rhythm / creating first drum patterns ( Bpm range / MIDI channels / digital drum / kick,snare and percussion gathering) 


Lesson 4 : Sampling 1/4 ( choosing sample (samplepack gathering) / sample variations Drum/Bass/Lead/Pad / Audio channels / warping / ableton sampler) 


Lesson 5 : Sampling 2/4 (configuring sampler and sample / warping in master bpm / pitch shifting (re-pitch) / matching / sample chopping ) 


Lesson 6 : Sampling 3/4 (mastering sampling / sampling detail configuration for clicks and tune / sampler modes slice/one shot) 


Lesson 7 : Sampling 4/4 ( sampling drums/basses/Pads/Leads / completing harmony) 


Lesson 8 : Adding layers (creating melodies / adding basslines / fxs) 


Lesson 9 : Adding recording layers (real time recording / adding and customizing recorded samples) 


Lesson 10: Theory of flow and rhyme (Theory of writing and reading lyrics / flow and rhyme) 


Lesson 11: Special audio and effect design for hip-hop (designing and boosting each channel / adding effects) 


Lesson 12: Transitions and fill ups (arranging track) (creating warm-up / mid-transitions / fill ups for drums and drops) 


Lesson 13: Project finalization (saving all the necessary samples and files / saving project for live project) 


Lesson 14: Methods of live performance (Theory and practice methods of live performance) 


Lesson 15: Getting projects ready for live performance (freezing, customizing samples and plugins for better performance (low Cpu usage)) 


Lesson 16: Creating Live project (creating and customizing one project for live performance / creating transitions between tracks) 


Lesson 17: Gear selection and mapping (Gear selection / MIDI mapping ) 


Lesson 18: Pre Live performance (Pre live performance / eliminating performance errors / compressing and fitting with soundcheck)

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