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„About Repetition” art-collective guest talks at CES

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

We are delighted to host the guest talks from Germany-based art-collective "About Repetition" at CES on their artistic and technical practice.

"About Repetition" is an interdisciplinary art collective based in Duesseldorf (Germany), exploring repetition as an artistic resource in the fields of media art, sound and architecture. Their signature style of serial minimalism manifests in loop-based music, artist books and digital spaces. The collective artistic power of About Repetition can be actively experienced in synesthetic live performances, offering an evolving platform for exchange, collaboration and exhibitions.

From 04.05. - 14.05. the collective hosts various events focusing on their musical research at Khidi club, TES and Iluzia.

18:00 Henning Arend - "Memory Empyre" connections between electronic music and art with the About Repetition association - an outlook on the planning of a center for digital art.

19:00 Yannik Brehm - "Professional music production in a home studio environment" A practical guide on how to create a transparent and punchy mix without access to a professional studio "Is the loudness war really over?" An investigation of the loudness metric and what it means for mastering and DJ-mixing

20:00 Tasime da Hidonash - "how we play" A quick tour and demonstration of a modular synthesizer live-set as an industrial music duo in preparation of the premiere at Khidi club

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About speakers:

Henning Arend:

Hennning Arend studied at the Düsseldorf Art Academy in Germany and works in a project-based and interdisciplinary way. He founded "exc - impersonal figure" and runs a SHowroom for artist books and media art. He is currently working on the VR project "Memory Emyre”.

Yannik Brehm:

Yannik Brehm is a german software developer, musician and sound engineer. Yannik holds a bachelor's degree in media technology with a focus on digital signal processing and room acoustics. Following graduation, he worked as a room acoustics engineer for an engineering firm in Düsseldorf. After completing his Master's degree in Media Informatics with a focus on machine learning, virtual acoustics and real-time audio programming, Yannik started working as a full-time audio software developer at Dear Reality GmbH, where he is still active today. He also produces electronic music under his artist pseudonym Hugo Dirac and runs a small mixing and mastering studio in Düsseldorf.

Tasime da Hidonash:

Tasime da Hidonash is a project fusing the artistic practise of both respective artists Tasime and Hidonash into a new and unique vision. The duo floats georgian vocals, moans and yelps above a unforgiving construct of rapid-fire industrial percussion. Their work implies a form of menace in various different forms upholding an unnerving and intrigue atmosphere.

When the machines are brought to stage during a live-set, the compositions are transformed into a turbulent barrage using vocal-performance, live-effects and modulation to their full extent.

To date, Tasime da Hidonash published their debut Album and contributing releases on Soil Records (Madrid, Spain).


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