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Updated: May 27

Tutor: Vaxy

Duration: 2 months

Hours: 2 hours per week + 1 hour studio practice time

Price: 900 GEL

Language: Georgian / English

CES has been teaching DJ course since 2011, to the beginners as well as to more advanced DJs.

During the course you will get the fundamental knowledge of professional DJ equipment, learn about sound and audio parameters, you will master beatmatching & mixing and will learn to play on vinyl.

Our course is ideal for beginners and for those who want to upgrade knowledge and get their DJ skills on more advanced level.

CES DJ studio is equipped with latest equipment considered as industry standard.

Duration of the course is 2 months, it includes 2 sessions per week with the instructor and 1 session in the studio as practice time without the instructor.

If you like to attend open day, register below.

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