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Natalie Beridze - SPINES [CES Records]

CES Records releases SPINES by Natalie Beridze on 12' vinyl!

Natalie Beridze is a Georgian artists, composer and songwriter, in Georgia she is considered to be pioneer of Georgian electronic music. Beridze has been releasing music since 2003 on record labels such as: Max.E; Monika Enterprise; CMYK; Laboratory Instict; Chainmusic and CES Records. She has collaborated with artists such as Thomas Brinkmann, AGF, Gudrun Gut, Joerg Follert, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Nikakoi and Gacha Bakradze. Compiled of 7 tracks "Spines" is a perfect album to hear on a perfect soundsystem in the club. In Natalie's words "Spines" resembles her recollection of driving on the backseat of a car, looking at ever changing lanscape flying by. Her endless source of inspiration is "Strata-A georgraphic fiction" by Robert Smithson and John Ruskin's "Frondes Agrestes".

Natalie has been teaching at CES for the past 12 years, she leads 2 courses: "Songwriting & Music Production" and "COLLAB19" with NIKAKOI. Beridze has courated number of releases with CES Records such as: "Sleepers Poets Scientists" and "If Strangers", both project participants are her students.

SPINES is available for purcuse worldwide, from your local recordstres or through KUDOS Records.

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