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Tutor: David Meskhi

Duration: 3 month

Hours: 4 hours per week

Price: 1170 GEL

Language: Georgian / English

Related Courses: ABC of Graphic Design / Advanced Graphic Design / Digital Sketching

Photography is the popular visual medium of our age — at the same time, it is also an important instrument of artistic discourse. 

David Meskhi's course is characterized with openness that conveys the process of generating images in analogue and digital form and focus on a spectrum of artistic expression that goes beyond the initial limits of the medium as space-oriented installation etc. Developing a personal artistic position and image language is a fundamental aim of the course and clearly sets it apart from other photo courses, that are oriented more on a technical possibilities of the medium. Within the course David will give students all technical / programing recommendations, as for the photo shoot, development and working on images (post production).

This particular teaching program is developed based on personal experience of David Meskhi as a succesful artist and also as a teacher. This course is ideal for the beginners who are taking first steps into photography, and to those already experienced photographers at the different stages of their career, as this course will help you search your own unique ctreative ways to photography.

photography is a great communicator, so at the end of the course you should be able to translate your though into photographic images.

Meskhi's "Photography-Ways of Artistic Expression" will give you an idea of what you need in the process of shaping your artistic identity.


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